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About Us


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LiYo is made by sisters. LiYo Jewelry is an online store that creates personal ornaments for men and women ranging from earrings to necklaces. we like giving gifts to our loved ones, and that is the reason behind our store.

We are honored to celebrate the beautiful moments in life with nice and meaningful jewelry. We are also very happy to be able to take part in your life's journey and see the joy our work gives you.

Every day we are working on new ideas to make our customers happy.

Our main motto is Love and positive energy, thus we put our focus on simple yet pure quality products that make one feel great. Listening to the needs, desires, and values of the people around us, and the community we're part of, is our passion.

How great it is to be someone's favorite, that's why we work hard and do our best to be yours.

Thus, if you have any advice, comments, or questions, you can reach us through our social media platform, or simply send us an email at liyoeco@liyo1.com.

Thank you!

Stay healthy and happy!!